Sports & Academic Improvement

Hypnosis for Sports or Academic Improvement

At Fraser Valley Hypnosis you learn how to use hypnosis to help have the confidence and use the power of your mind to enhance your performance. Whether you re looking to improve your abilities to play your sport or improve your academic abilities, hypnosis can help. Your program is customized to support you in your success to achieve your goals and reach your true potential.

When you lack confidence in your ability to play your sport or succeed in school, your success will be negatively impacted, When you learn how to get into “The Zone” to obtain peak performance in studies at school, writing exams, playing their favourite sport or enhancing activities such as singing or playing an instrument its a game changer. Your customized program will help you develop the attitudes and beliefs that allow you achieve. You learn how to build the resources you need and how to become resistant in challenging situations or circumstances.

Wouldn’t you like to use your natural talents to the best of your ability?

Marshall’s Golf Game Improves as a Result of Hypnosis!

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“I feel needed help with my golf game. I knew how to hit a golf ball and performed well in practice but when I hit the golf course I couldn’t seem to physically do what I wanted to do. I’ve heard about how hypnosis had helped people with smoking, weight loss, etc, and knew it would work on the mind… and golf they say is really played in the 6 inches between your ears. So… before I started hypnosis, I was anxious, scared, unhappy and negative on the course and often mishitting a lot of shots I became more so. After 3 weeks of listening to tapes and having sessions my game has really improved and I am calm, positive and happy while playing.”*

— Wendy Whitlam