Manage Stress

Stress affects everyone and can be harmful to your health.

Are you tired of all the stress, tension and fear? Do you feel like things are out of control?
Is stress getting in the way of living your life the way you would like?

Don’t you wish you could be more relaxed, confident and feel like you’re in control?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, give us a call and book your FREE screening and discover how hypnosis can help you.

Kathleen stresses less and enjoys life more

because of Hypnosis!

“What I have noticed: More aware of the positives in my life, the importance of health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, to not to take life so seriously, that the perception of others is probably different than yours and to respect that.”*

— Kathleen Gander

Hypnosis has allowed Susan to be calmer

and go with the flow!

“The deepened peace allows me to be calmer and more open to and loving with family, friends, clients and co-workers and to “go with the flow” with increased honesty, joy and mindfulness”*

— Susan Muldoon

Thanks to Hypnosis, Jerry is calmer and focused on his goals!

“Since starting hypnosis I have noticed the following changes:

  • Able to stay calm and observe the breath during stressful situations
  • More open communication in relationships
  • Waking up early every morning to exercise and meditate
  • I have started to read and study again
  • At work, periods of focus occur more frequently
  • I have gained muscle mass”*

— Jerry Avila

Since learning Hypnosis, Meredith no longer gets stressed over the little things!

“Before starting hypnotherapy I was reacting to any little issue big or small as if it were the most stressful event of my life. The stress and worry were killing me, affecting me emotionally and physically. Now, after going to hypnotherapy and practicing the meditations I haven’t stressed about anything. No longer are other people’s issues my issues to deal with. I simply don’t get involved.  I have set boundaries of what I can handle in life, taken time for myself, started exercising and kept my home Zenlike. I now know what I can handle and what I need for a peaceful mind and I forget about the rest.”*

Meredith Walker

Using Hypnosis, Gayleen has learned the power of self-acceptance!

“Since I started hypnosis the changes or developments I’ve experienced include or have resulted in: A comfortable acceptance of what I can control and what is out of my control, less self judgement and more acceptance of who I am and how I deal with situations, an increased level of calm and patience where I was more easily agitated before.”*

— Gayleen Gray

Adam has learned how to let go of unuseful obsessions and experience more gratitude. 

“Before hypnosis I was frequently discouraged, always expecting things not to work out and dwelling on the uncertainty of the future. I would also fixate on different practices aimed at creating better physical, mental and emotional health. These would usually become unhealthy obsessions.

Since learning self-hypnosis I have been able to let go of these fixations and discouragements. I feel a new confidence that things will always workout somehow even if I don’t understand how in the moment. I have also become much more grateful and content for everything I have, as I’ve realized I already have what I need to be happy and fulfilled.

This new confidence and contentment is truly life changing and I’m very glad I took the time to learn hypnosis.”*

— Adam Suderman