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Natural, Effective Weight Loss Hypnosis

Are you tired of the hassle and pain of carrying around excess weight?
Are you fed up with not fitting into your clothes?
Are you embarrassed?
Have you been on the diet roller coaster too many times to count?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, book a free screening and discover how a Weight Loss Hypnosis program may be the right solution for you.

“Hypnosis ended my struggle with weight. I had been to gym programs. I tried dieting. I even ordered videos. Nothing lasted.

Now, I am size 4 and this program is completely the reason why. My search ended here. I saw the ad for hypnosis and called to make the appointment for the free screening. I figured what have I got to lose?

I saw the results right away. I was more calm and in control of my eating choices. I stopped watching the scale and started choosing the activities that could really help me.”*

– Candace Richter

Candace has lost 62 pounds and has
kept it off for more than 15 years now.

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Hypnosis Has Proven to Be
Very Effective For Losing Weight

Using hypnosis for weight loss has been proven to be very effective. At Fraser Valley Hypnosis we get that carrying extra pounds can be both physically and emotionally painful. Excess weight often comes with a feeling of frustration, pain, embarrassment and poor self-esteem. Being overweight also contributes to many health issues such as heart disease, heart attack, cancer, strokes, acid reflux, sleep apnea, back pain, diabetes and much more and it can be emotionally draining.

Time to Succeed With Hypnosis!

Kristen Galley Has Lost Almost 50lbs.

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“I am a changed person. Food no longer drives me. Exercise and overall health does. I am cooking very healthy food for me and my family. My body feels amazing! I have lost almost 50 pounds and nearly 3 feet off fat of my body.”*

— Kristen Galley

Bob Has Lost 30 Pounds and 30 Inches Using Hypnosis

“When I started my journey, I felt somewhat embarrassed of my weight, but not now! I feel motivated to my exercises and this helps me burn calories and I sleep great. I’ve noticed my clothes fit much better now and some of these I have not worn for awhile. My belt has changed 3 holes and I have more energy. By starting hypnosis, my whole outlook on myself has changed.”*

— Bob Curtis

Learn to Use Hypnosis For Your Weight Loss!

Science shows us that hypnosis for weight loss is a very effective way to alleviate the hassle and pain of excess weight.

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Camila No Longer Feels the Need to Binge Eat!

“I love water now and I drink it all the time. I also feel less stressed about situations and confident in my studying and day to day activities. I have enjoyed exercise more than I did before. I think about food less and I no longer need to binge eat because I have no necessity for it. I’m more relaxed and calm throughout the day.”*

— Camila Trujillo

Lose Weight Effectively and Naturally.
Take Control of Your Life!

How Fraser Valley Hypnosis Works.

At Fraser Valley Hypnosis you are provided with a healthy and safe way to lose weight. You learn effective strategies used by thousands of successful weight loss clients who have used weight loss hypnosis to succeed. Taking supplements, counting calories, or eating pre-packaged meals can be expensive and cumbersome and these are often temporary solutions for weight loss. If you are fed-up with being disappointed over and over again then a hypnosis weight loss program is your opportunity to lose weight. You will learn how to enjoy keeping it off live a healthy lifestyle.

We offer you a NEW WAY to get comfortable with losing weight sensibly and safely. We provide sound, healthy approaches to reaching your weight loss goal with hypnosis methods that we believe are the best in the industry. Your individually customized sessions help you make the decisions and take the actions necessary to achieve your weight loss success!

We are confident that if you use this hypnosis weight loss approach, you can join thousands of successful people who have lost the weight and KEPT IT OFF!*