You Are Being Hypnotized All The Time

Take a moment to take it in. If it is true, what have you been hypnotized about? Maybe you are smoking because you believe it helps you reduce stress. Perhaps you are eating junk food because you’ve hypnotized yourself into believing it makes you feel better. What if these are just beliefs that you can change???

Just imagine how much is happening in your life that is conscious and automatic. It’s actually pretty amazing! Thing you do without conscious thought are being handled by your unconscious mind.

What Are You Doing Automatically?

Recently there was a client coming to the office to lose weight. A major contributor to her excess weight had been drinking a glass or two of wine after a stressful day at work (sound familiar???). At first it was occasionally but eventually it became a daily habit, even on weekends! Of course, what’s a glass of wine without a few snacks to accompany it. As you can imagine over time the weight just continued to creep up until her clothes kept getting tighter and tighter and then new larger sizes became necessary. The wine and snacks had become an automatic habit that was hurting her health physically and emotionally.

Solution? Hypnosis!

After a few short weeks of using hypnosis, she was easily able to let of the habit and or course the inches are now melting away.

Are you fed-up with turning to junk food or fast food when you are stressed, sad or bored? What if that is an automatic response you learned a long time ago to satisfy your emotional needs. Unconsciously your mind is just trying to help you feel better by using the food to comfort or stimulate you with an afternoon sugar rush. Unfortunately, in trying to feel better, the unintended consequence is weight gain and often guilt.

Un-hypnotize Yourself.

You can learn how to use hypnosis to “Un-hypnotize” yourself from unhealthy habits that you are doing automatically.

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